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Kulli means "All Me'' in Arabic

Updated: May 8, 2023

Kulli means "All Me" in Arabic. I wanted to create a fragrance that helps you embrace you. Whoever you are. And I want the scent to always be a reminder, whatever moment it is, always know to embrace that moment and that authentic you.

Humans are put under a lot of pressure. Everyone is carrying baggage and just like a diamond that's also been put under so much pressure, always comes out sparkling from every facet. The fragrance has an earthy and woody base, it's delicious and sensual, warm and inviting, masculine and feminine. For morning and night time. Freshwater, dirt, and the marriage of flowers and red cedar-wood will enhance the connection and rootedness to earth and mother nature.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lilac, and Blood Orange

Heart Notes: Gardenia, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Fresh Dirt, Bourbon

Created by Elias Feghaly

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