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TOOM Sauce A Kentucky Proud "Lebanese" Owned Business. Order Online pick up at 6 Farmer's Markets

#TOOMSAUCE means garlic sauce in Arabic and this specific paste is based on an authentic Lebanese 🇱🇧 recipe that has been in our family for over 30 years.

Made from 4 simple ingredients, garlic, fresh lemon juice, non gmo canola oil and pink Himalayan salt. When processed together the right way, the end result gives you a magical fluffed up to perfection paste that is punchy and powerful in flavor and savory with pretty much any and every kind of food you can imagine.

Steak and Fries. Check

Vegetable Soup. Check

Shawarma. Check

Put it on your salads. Check.

Cook with it, spread it over toast with cheese and make it an Italian night.

That's not just it. The family owned and operated company offers other options like hummus, Baba Ghanooj and other versions of Toom like Avocado and Cucumber Oregano.

Meet the owners Ziad Feghaly and Serge Jammal.

Together about 6 months ago started a company right here in Louisville. Their strategy was simple and local. Just go to Place your order, and pick up from 6 different, conveniently located Farmer's Markets. You can get detailed info on their websites.

Check out their instagram page as well and stay in touch.

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