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The 6 Rules of Acting According to Elias: Rule 3 - Being Present

Welcome back to our blog series on the 6 Rules of Acting according to Elias! Today, we're exploring the third rule: Being Present.

In acting, being present is a fundamental skill that allows actors to fully engage with their characters, scene partners, and the audience. It's about being in the moment, reacting truthfully, and letting go of distractions and preconceived notions.

Why Being Present Matters

Examples of Acting Teachers Who Emphasize Being Present

How to Cultivate Being Present (Workshop Exercises)

Putting It into Practice
Try this exercise to improve your presence:

Being present is a crucial skill for any actor. It allows you to connect deeply with your character, your scene partners, and your audience, resulting in a more compelling and truthful performance.
By practicing mindfulness and staying focused on the present moment, you can enhance your ability to live authentically under imaginary circumstances.

I hope you enjoyed the 3 rules of acting according to Elias, to find out the rest please join us for a 6-week workshop that helps you delve into your acting technique, explore your authentic voice, and leave with a 30-sec reel and headshots that showcase you iconically.

You can register or stop by Bluegrass Production Studio in Hikes LAne on Monday, July 29th at 7 pm.

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