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Late Night Louisville One Night Only at the Kentucky Center Thursday July 7th Get Your Tickets Now

Get your tickets now for this One Night Only show at the Kentucky Center Thursday, July 7th.

Doors open at 8 pm Show starts at 8 PM


The team collaborated all the way from Lebanon and Louisville


Silvie Feghaly and Nabil Feghaly Behind the scenes "Calling Beirut"

Diane Wasnak: Physical Comedienne and Actor extraordinaire. I can't wait for you to experience Diane on stage.

The Incredible and very Charming Bex and Katy are magical beings. Wait until you are charmed by these amazing women.

Joyce Feghaly Filming in Lebanon for "Calling Beirut"

Jacqui Blue and Isaac Poole will share their rendition of Hallelujah

Hurricane Summers will entertain and make you laugh so hard you'll cry

Merch is available to purchase after the event.

Get your tickets now at

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