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Bonzer Productions offers dog training entertainment workshops and more.

I met miss Diane Wasnak a couple years ago when I was looking to cast for a short film. I found her online and invited her to a screen test. After meeting and working with Miss Diane I discover she is a tour de force performer, actor, improvisor, host and she's also backed by a Telly Award!

Get to know Barb her production partner who also has a long portfolio and acting, singing and voice over work.

Together and for a long time they have been producing for Bonzer Productions.

As a dog daddy myself and a friend I have recognized the amount of resources and talent miss Diane and Barb have, backed up by hard work and 2 super cute doggies, and I know that if I ever need dog handlers, actors, performers or all around badass women artists I will be calling Bonzer Productions.

Please check them out online at

and Subscribe to their Youtube page right here

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