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BAGELS "In Consideration" at 6 major film festivals around the US

BAGELS is taking its festival course and is “in consideration” at 6 major film festivals including Boulder, Phoenix, Atlanta, Tribeca, Cleveland and Florida film festival. The intention of sending BAGELS and the 4 other chapters to film festivals around the U.S. is to bring awareness to Louisville talents and Louisville as a city for film. We love our city so much and the people that live in it.

CONNECT will star all Louisville actors, crew and be shot on location in Louisville KY and surrounding areas. We will be featuring businesses and landscapes from around the state of KY.

We want to take each short film individually to film festivals around the U.S. and once all shorts are completed and have taken its festival course, we would like to plan a release date for Summer 2018 with a red carpet screening and an after party.

Stay in touch subscribe or like us on social media to keep up with our film journey and our representation of the film industry and community in Louisville.

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