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BAGELS was submitted to the 14th Boulder International Film Festival

A film that is totally Louisville. The talent is local, the crew is local and our mission is to bring awareness to Louisville talent and to Louisville as a city for film. "Submitting" is a step in the journey and we wanted to share the news with you. We literally finished with all post work today October 16th 2017.

If you're interested to learn about the crew please check visit the IMDb page:

BAGELS is the first chapter of 5.

The objective of the feature anthology narrative film "CONNECT" is to bring awareness to social and human issues we’re facing as a community and as a nation and to use the power of film and storytelling to shine a light on these issues and the power of human when they CONNECT and embrace their love and humanity.

Chapter 1: BAGELS (a short about race) (Production and Post are done)

Still in Pre-Production and development:

Chapter 2: PLAY (a short about the LGBTQI)

Chapter 3: ANDY (a short about the heroin epidemic)

Chapter 4: NOW HIRING (a short about sex trafficking)

Chapter 5: MOTHER (a short about the environment)

Please stay in touch for future castings, announcements or if you want to be part of the feature or just follow us online.

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