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CONNECT a feature film

CONNECtis an anthology series that tell the stories of current events and the lives of ordinary people trying to navigate through life and find happiness in a city called Louisville.

The series will be divided into 5 short films that tackles the issues of




Women's Rights


"Bagels" is a short film about a budding relationship between Michelle and Anton. Their lives are clearly much more fulfilled and exciting now that they have found each other. However, they must also learn to cope with the difficulties posed by being an interracial couple, both by society at large and by their very own families.

We're still looking to cast 2 more speaking roles and extras

Please help us tell this important story.

Here are the breakdowns.

[GLORIA] [WHITE FEMALE] [AGE: 45-65] Gloria is Michelle’s mother and is very concerned about appearances, including what others may think about her daughter’s relationship with Anton. She believes it is in Michelle’s best interest to point these things out to her but does not seem to realize how hurtful she is.

[Anton’s brother] [BLACK MALE] [AGE: 28-37] Anton’s older, wiser brother that Anton feels safe coming to for mentorship and relationship advice.

EXTRAS who are comfortable with comedy and improv

[THREE FEMALE RELATIVES] [WHITE FEMALES] [AGE: 40-65] Two of these are okay with Michelle and Anton’s relationship, while the other exclaims in disbelief that Michelle has just slapped her mama. [RELATIVES] [WHITE FEMALES AND MALES] [AGE: 40-80] No lines; just the ability to sit at a Thanksgiving dinner table during a family fight and either look strangely amused or insanely awkward. [ONLOOKERS] [FEMALES AND MALES] [AGE: 20-70] No lines; just the ability to throw confused and perhaps even antagonistic glances toward an interracial couple as they walk down the street.

Please send us an email with a headshot and a little about yourselves. If we find there is a CONNECTion, we'll set up a screen test.

Thanks and kindest,

if you have questions please feel free to email us.

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